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CanaPuff - TANGIE BANANA 50% - THCp Flowers

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Our product (Vapes, Liquid, Hash, Gummies) is manufactured in the EU according to European standards.Each product undergoes extensive testing to determine the content and composition of cannabinoids. THC content = 0%

For Flowers THC content is = 0,2%

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Customer Reviews

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Marko Stojanović

Tropical paradise! The Tangie Banana strain's taste is like a symphony of delight, and the THCp component ensures a smooth and nuanced high. Each puff feels like sipping on a banana smoothie under the sun. It's become my top pick for a flavorful and uplifting vaping experience

Léa Lambert

Provide a satisfying and familiar taste! The Cereal Milk strain's flavor is reminiscent of a comforting breakfast, and the THC content adds a gentle and pleasant high. Each inhale feels like a nostalgic trip back to the days of enjoying cereal in the morning.

Elena Todorova

Flowers are a citrusy delight! The Tangie Banana strain's flavor is both vibrant and satisfying, and the THCp content adds a zesty and uplifting kick to the experience. Each inhale feels like a tropical escape. Highly recommended for those who want a burst of fruity goodness

Emma Weber

Symphony of fruity flavors! The Tangie Banana strain's taste is like a harmonious blend, and the THCp component adds a zesty and uplifting note to the experience. Each puff feels like dancing through a tropical orchard. It's become my top pick

Katja Järvinen

Tangie Banana THCp flowers by CanaPuff are a delight for the senses. The combination of spicy tangerine and ripe banana aromas brings a fresh and fruity experience. The creamy, fruity, and bready notes at the end add depth and complexity. This hybrid strikes a perfect balance between calming and happy effects. For those looking for innovation in THCp flowers with a unique flavor profile, Tangie Banana is a must-try.