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Canapuff - SANGUE DI TIGRE 50% - Fiori THCp

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Qualità premium

Il nostro prodotto (Vapes, Liquid, Hash, Gummies) è fabbricato nell'UE secondo gli standard europei. Ogni prodotto viene sottoposto a test approfonditi per determinare il contenuto e la composizione dei cannabinoidi. Contenuto di THC = 0%

Per i fiori il contenuto di THC è = 0,2%

Sicuro e discreto

Con noi puoi ordinare legalmente la Sicurezza Legale HHC online.

Customer Reviews

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Sofia Ilić

Symphony of jungle flavors! The Tiger's Blood strain's taste is like a harmonious blend, and the THCp component adds a powerful and energizing note to the experience. Each puff feels like dancing through a forest of untamed flavors. It's become my top pick for a natural and flavorful vaping

Maximilian Schmidt

Ferocious delight! The Tiger's Blood strain's flavor is both bold and invigorating, and the THCp content adds a powerful and energizing experience. Each inhale feels like a roar of flavor. Highly recommended for those who seek a fierce and flavorful journey

Liis Kask

Tiger's Blood THCp Flowers is like a journey through the jungle! The unique flavor profile of the Tiger's Blood strain is both captivating and exotic, and the THCp content adds a wild and transformative touch to the experience. Each inhale feels like an exploration of the untamed flavors. Highly recommended for those seeking a wild and flavorful escape.

Lukas Keller

The flavor of the Tiger's Blood strain is somewhat intriguing, but it doesn't leave a lasting impression. The overall journey is average, providing a moderate level of satisfaction. Suitable for those seeking a floral experience without too much intensity or uniqueness. It's not a standout, but it gets the job done for a casual vaping session

Isla MacIntyre

CanaPuff's Tiger's Blood is an exceptional THCp flower. The rich blend of ripe strawberries, juicy melon, and sweet coconut cream is unforgettable. The sugar violets add a surprising summer refreshment touch, creating an energizing relaxation effect. This product’s OG Kush amplified profile delivers a unique and energizing relaxation. It's perfect for those seeking a THCp flower with a fruity and invigorating aroma.