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HHC Liquid 1.500mg - Blueberry Diesel

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Our product (Vapes, Liquid, Hash, Gummies) is manufactured in the EU according to European standards.Each product undergoes extensive testing to determine the content and composition of cannabinoids. THC content = 0%

For Flowers THC content is = 0,2%

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With us you can legally order Legal Security HHC online.

Customer Reviews

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Chloe Baker

Bold and adventurous, combining blueberry with a daring diesel twist. A top pick for thrill-seekers.

Mia Wilson

The Blueberry Diesel is an adventurous choice for the bold. The robust blueberry flavor is perfectly complemented by the intriguing diesel undertones, creating an invigorating and unique taste. This liquid is ideal for those looking to energize their routine with a dynamic and bold flavor. The HHC adds an uplifting effect, making it suitable for social gatherings or creative pursuits where an energetic mood is desired.

Emma Johnson

Blueberry Diesel is an adventure in a bottle. The bold, robust flavor of blueberry is infused with a hint of diesel, creating a unique and invigorating experience. The HHC enhances this with an energetic effect, making it ideal for those seeking an adventurous and spirited adventure. It's a bold choice for those who dare to explore new horizons and crave a dynamic and exhilarating experience​

Isabella White

El líquido HHC de Arándano Diesel es una elección audaz y emocionante. La combinación del sabor intenso y dulce del arándano con un toque atrevido de diesel crea una experiencia de sabor única y energizante. Es perfecto para aquellos que buscan una experiencia dinámica y estimulante, con los efectos edificantes del HHC.

Zoe Davis

A daring blend that combines the sweetness of blueberries with a bold diesel edge. Ideal for those who enjoy a robust and energetic flavor profile.