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OG KUSH 95% CBD - CanaPuff - ONE-USE - 1ml

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Our product (Vapes, Liquid, Hash, Gummies) is manufactured in the EU according to European standards.Each product undergoes extensive testing to determine the content and composition of cannabinoids. THC content = 0%

For Flowers THC content is = 0,2%

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With us you can legally order Legal Security HHC online.

Customer Reviews

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Anton Kuznetsov

The OG Kush CBD vape from Canapuff is a remarkable product. Its distinct kush flavor is rich and earthy, with subtle hints of pine. The high CBD concentration ensures a deeply relaxing experience, making it ideal for stress relief and relaxation. The one-use design is convenient for on-the-go use, providing a discrete and efficient way to enjoy its benefits

Emma Johnson

The OG Kush CBD vape is a standout for its authentic kush flavor and high CBD potency. Ideal for relaxation, it offers a grounding, earthy experience. The single-use format adds convenience for those on the move or new to vaping